Technical Support Information

RASCOM provides their Customers with service and support. Many years of experience and strict quality control allows us meeting the most demanding customers’ requests.

Standard technical support includes:
  • supporting quality parameters of the circuits and paths at the level of normatives meeting the requirements of Russian and international standards
  • scheduled technical investigation of the network outside-plant and hardware
  • automated status monitoring of the FOCL, including the local-loop equipment
  • permanent automated BE R monitoring for circuit or path without traffic interruption
  • modifying the communications channel parameters on customer’s demand with traffic and maintenance interruption
  • technical assistance while connecting equipment to RASCOM telecommunications network equipment, its adjustment and changing configuration
  • in an emergency situation, specialists are sent to the emergency site to repair its consequences within 6 – 8 hours after it has arisen (any time of day, 365 days a year)

RASCOM owns the most up-to-date, sometimes even unique, control and measurement equipment. This allows the customer to get, along with standard technical maintenance, additional services such as special measurements of technical specifications of the SDH transmission systems and optic fibers.

Network monitoring

Usage being made of intellectual network equipment monitoring instruments, including high-speed transmission systems, transit nodes and customers’ terminal equipment, allows to get:

  • prompt reacting to network emergencies by re-routing the traffic over alternative routes;
  • remote control of the current channel-load status; remotely performing fault isolation and repair from a unique management center