Telephony Services

The RASCOM Company performs Telephony Services to corporate companies on the basis of its own network, which has interfaces to the alternative carriers' networks and to the public telephone network in Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

The RASCOMís service includes modern technologies and reliable solutions of digital telephony that create the following opportunities:
  • phone numbers are offered with the codes 812, 495 Ť 499;
  • providing of local, toll and international telephony;
  • connecting several Customerís offices into a single united telephone network with a single dial plan and set of services;
  • a Customer can use its own ATC services (CPU and call forwarding, enqueuing for a busy line, arranging a conference call, etc.);
  • arranging telephone lines with outgoing communication only;
  • arranging multichannel numbers (up to 100 lines are fixed to one landline phone number, which provides highly effective of incoming calls processing);
  • fax message transmission via digital telephone network organized avoiding multiplexing voice signal.

How the telephony service is provided?

A fiber optic cable is installed to the Customerís office, the equipment is settled and phone lines are arranged. This way, it is guaranteed a great quality, communications reliability, high availability and immediate connection to any telephone subscriber.

To discuss technical and commercial terms of services provision, please, contact RASCOM Sales Department: +7(812)303-91-70 or +7(495)748-11-00. To request the terms of the service in writing, please use the CONTACT FORM.