Yandex Cloud

RASCOM performs a dedicated direct connection to guaranteed quality characteristics to Yandex Cloud infrastructure

Yandex Cloud

Yadnex.Cloud is a cloud platform by Yandex.

The platform enables its users to develop and manage web-applications, as well as to store and proceed data by using unique technologies and Yandex infrastructure. The platform includes the infrastructure services, popular data-bases management services, as well as services based on the technologies of machine intelligence, such as Yandex Speechkit, Yandex Translate and Yandex Vision.

Yadnex.Cloud is built on the bases of company's own data centers located in Russia as well as on the Yandex technologies which enables the popular Yandex services such as Search, Maps, Metrika etc.

Yandex Cloud
There is an option of using RASCOM Cloud Access and arranging an access to Yandex.Cloud in any of 56+ RASCOM’s points of presence.

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