DDoS Protection Service

RASCOM is offering its Customers the service to protect IT infrastructure of any complexity and size from DDoS attacks. IT infrastructure is protected by filtering every currently existing type of DDoS attack at the network, transport and session levels as well at the level of applications for HTTP(s)/Websocket traffic.

Customers’ users will not notice that the site or server is under protection: everything will keep operating as before except that it will be a little bit faster due to SpeedRoute and HyperCache technologies. Therefore, the Customer will be on to the fact of attack only from the report in the customer’s personal account.

How the protection is enabled:

DDoS Protection Service

Услуга доступна в следующих странах:

Russian Federation
Czech Republic
Great Britain
United States of America
Republic of China

Customer’s personal account

To establish filtration rules, the customer is given a WEB-interface in its personal account.

Along with that, in the account, statistics of using the filtration rules is available which makes it possible to estimate the efficiency of the protection measures.

BGP blackhole

As an additional measure for fighting against the attacks, a standard mechanism such as BGP blackhole community is used, as well. The BGP-Blackholing mechanism (Destination-based RTBH) is implemented using bgp-community for prefixes /32. That is, upon detecting any harmful traffic (an attack) on a host (IP-address) on the customer’s network, it is possible to announce over BGP to RASCOM the prefix of that host (/32) with a special blackhole-community 20764:6666, and the traffic toward the indicated host will be dropped at RASCOM’s network border by all backbone routers.

Service Technical Support and ACL installation

Service Technical Support and ACL installation can be ordered by sending a message to RASCOM’s NMC at: noc@rascom.ru (phone: +7-812-702-2500). It is possible to install a filter (ACL) basing upon src/dst ip/proto/port at the connecting interface.

Для обсуждения технических и экономических условий предоставления услуги необходимо обратиться в Службу продаж РАСКОМ по телефонам +7(812)303-91-70 или +7(495)748-11-00.

Для письменного запроса условий предоставления услуги нужно воспользоваться формой обратной связи.