RASCOM provides the service of Colocation for layout and maintenance of equipment at its own technical sites.

We offer to the Customers the following services:

  • Leasing of a server rack for layout of equipment
  • Separate rack units
  • Power supply for equipment
  • Cross-connecting (both inter- and intra-rack)
  • Customers’ equipment installation into the racks
  • Service of engineering maintenance of leased sources – Remote Hands

Advantages of RASCOM Colocation service:

  • Competence in the field of global communications
  • Services of Colocation and circuits leasing/VPN can be provided by a single company
  • Long experience of cooperation between RASCOM and international suppliers in terms of both technical issues and currency payments
  • Proximity of RASCOM’s sites to the largest Internet Exchange Points (MSK-IX, SPB-IX, LINX, AMS-IX, FICIX, NETNOD, DE-CIX, FRANCE-IX, DTEL-IX, GIGANET-IX)
  • RASCOM arranges the shortest routes from the sites of Customers’ layout of equipment to the largest media-services (social networks, messengers, SDN)

Услуга доступна в следующих странах:

Russian Federation
Czech Republic
Great Britain
United States of America
As well as other countries – under request

Fields of application of the service:

  • Layout of the Customer’s service near the main Internet Exchange Points (European IX-s, SDN nodes)
  • Equipment installation at the points requiring high-speed connection to the global Internet backbone
  • CDN arrangement
  • Arrangement of telecom nodes for carrier-customers both in Russia and Europe
  • Solutions for traders and banks: sideshift of nodes to the world financial sites in London (London Stock Exchange, LSE) and Frankfurt (Frankfurt Stock Exchange, FSE)
  • Solution of high quality of maintenance and physical equipment security
  • Startup solution: communication circuits, access to the Internet and technical site are provided by a single company.

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