CJSC RACOM access nodes in Tver and KLIN UP-GRADED

The Company RASCOM has performed scheduled up-grade of access nodes in Tver and Klin (Moscow Oblast).

CJSC RASCOM node in FRankfuret up-graded

The company RASCOM has finalized the next step of up-grading its international network.

CJSC RASCOM IP network up-grade implementation accomplished

In December 2007, the company RASCOM accomplished works to up-grade its commercial IP network.

Happy New Year 2007!

New Year address of V.I. Kireev, RASCOM General Director

SvyazExpoComm - 2006

CJSC RASCOM has participated in annual international exhibition "SvyazExpoComm-2006" in the "Expocenter&q...

Russian network segment up-graded

Within the frames of the finance plan for 2005 as approved by the Board (January 18th, 2005), the company RASCOM...

Russians conquer the land of Vikings….

Construction is completed and commercial operation has been started of Rascom’s new communications nodes in Stockholm an...

RASCOM Expands the Geographic Presence of the Service

Now RASCOM Customers can also make use of the service in such cities as...

The employees of the CJSC “RASCOM” will participate in the international congress “Carrier Networking Exchange 2013”

On October 14-15, 2013, the specialists from the CJSC “RASCOM” will participate in the International congress “Carrier N...