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Network up-dated at Saint-Petersburg – Stockholm route

The company “Rascom” has completed works to install RAMAN fiber-optic amplifiers at the network section Saint-Petersburg – Stockholm.
This up-date permits RASCOM to arrange circuits within DWDM systems at the route Saint-Petersburg – Stockholm without signal regeneration, i.e., without using intermediate transponders at this route section.
“The implementation cost of this project was about US$ 1 million, but the financial efficiency of the up-grade is much higher than the expenses made,” comments V.I. Kireev, General Director of the Closed Joint-Stock Company “Rascom”. “By installing the NORTEL-manufactured RAMAN amplifiers at the route section Saint-Petersburg – Stockholm, RASCOM has decreased the quantities of network equipment and, thus, enhanced the reliability and substantially lowered the self-cost of the services to be provided. Beside this, the project implementation has allowed to use some of the equipment thus taken off the network for developing other network sections.”

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