Technical support contacts

In case of any questions related to service technical support provided by RASCOM company, the Customer can always refer to the information available at specialized web site of technical support for IP Customers cli.rascom.net or get help by our technical support team by phone +7(812)702-25-00.

Network Operations Center is on duty 24 hours. Specialists on SDH transfer systems and IP technologies are present in duty shifts.

Technical Support for services of circuit level (DWDM/SDH/PDH/DarkFibers etc.):

mail: report@rascom.net

+7 (812) 303-91-72, +7 (812) 702-25-02

+7 (495) 956-00-23

IP network Technical Support (apart from communication circuits DWDM/SDH/PDH/DarkFibers etc.):

mail: noc@rascom.net

+7 (812) 702-25-00

+7 (495) 956-00-23