40G is a standard that enables the data transfer of 40Gbps rate.

Colocation (abbreviated as "colo") is a service which allows the provider to place the customer's equipment at its own site (usually, in the datacenter), to connect it to a power supply, to ensure the maintenance and connection to high-capacity communication circuits.

Communication Circuit
The definition of communication circuit is used for physical communication line directly within which there is a signal transmission.

Communication circuit lease
Communication circuit lease is used by companies to connect two points where cross-connect and router network equipment is located.

Digital circuits
Digital circuits are used for transferring signals of different types, such as voice, data transfer, fax messages etc., between sending and receiving devices.

DWDM Technology
Transport technology DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) allows the highest speed (among the other used transfer technologies) while transmitting in a single optical medium.

Ethernet is the most wide-spread technology used for local computer network.

High-Frequency Trading HFT
High-Speed (High- Frequency) Trading (International abbreviation is HFT) is a type of trading that is characterized by using technical means and computer algorithms.

Internet providers of Moscow and St. Petersburg
Internet providers, sometimes uses as simply providers, are organizations that provide the Internet access services and other ones related to the Internet. Information about the Internet providers of Moscow and St. Petersburg

Internet trading
Internet trading is a form of trading on commodity and stock exchange by using the Internet as a mean of connection and a circuit to confirm the operations.

Low Latency Circuits
Low Latency Circuit Service allows transmitting customer’s data via dedicated circuit that perform low latency transmission index.

Optical Fiber Networks
Optical Fiber Networks are used for data transfer on a high speed and are built on the basis of fibre-optic lines.

Raman optical fiber amplifier
Raman optical fiber amplifier is used to lengthen optical multichannel digital lines avoiding the mid-stage signal amplification and regeneration.

RTD - Round-Trip Delay time is an index that represent the data transfer delay on the networks; it is estimated by milliseconds.

Signal regeneration
Signal regeneration means its transformation from electronic into optical type with the help of re-translators.

Telecom Systems
The definition of Telecom Systems includes the whole feature pack of services provided by current communication companies.

Telecommunications carriers
Telecommunications carriers are the companies that provide telecommunication services.

Transponder (from eng. transmitter-responder) is a device enabling the interface between the end access equipment (SDH or IP equipment) and the equipment of DWDM bus system.
The function of transponder is that by receiving a signal…

VPN Networks, VPN connection
VPN Networks are part of virtual private network; they are built on the basis of already existing network as a Logical one.