RASCOM Increased the Capacity of Its Network on the Section Saint Petersburg – Stockholm

RASCOM has implemented the 3rd independent DWDM system on the section Saint Petersburg – Stockholm that increased 2, 5 the capacity of the network on this section.

“To arrange this new DWDM system it was used the new generation of equipment produced by Ciena, which enables the transmission capacity of the signal at one wavelength up to 400 Gbps”, Technical Director Oleg Klimovskii explains, “Moreover, the system that we have built is laid by more optimal route than the existing two DWDM systems on the section Saint Petersburg – Stockholm; its length is 100 km less. The new route is built bypassing Helsinki. Shortening the length of the system leads to lower traffic transmit delay which increases competitive advantage of RASCOM services on this section”.

“The held works are a part of a long-term development program of the company which is targeted at satisfying the growing demands of RASCOM customers in the capacities of bandwidth at the most top requested directions”, General Director of the company Denis Ganza commented on the event, “The previous stage of this program was the installation of Waveserver Ciena equipment (RASCOM news dated 10.04.2018), which enabled with additional capacity three DWDM systems already existing on the section Saint Petersburg – Moscow. The next stage became the direction Saint Petersburg – Stockholm”.

General Director at Ciena Russia & CIS Andrey Ugorelov declared: “For many years RASCOM is being successful in implementing the newest technological solutions by Ciena. This grants it the undeniable advantage in the toughening competition. Ciena’s solutions allows to reduce significantly the operational and maintenance costs which is a necessary criteria for successful conduct of business in the modern context. We are entirely supporting our partner RASCOM in the development and using the cutting-edge technologies”.  

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