A New Special Offer by RASCOM

A New Special Offer by RASCOM

RASCOM runs a special on AMS-IX connect, less discount of 50% from October 6 till December 31.

The carrier applied for coming in on the special is provided with 1G circuit connected to AMS-IX port less discount of 50%. Only those carriers can come in on the special offer, which have been not connected to AMS-IX till now. The participants shall arrange the cross-connections from their equipment to RASCOMs network equipment or accord with using the current interface. As soon as the special offer is over, the service AMS-IX connect will be provided to every participant at full cost.

To come in on the special offer, please, send the application in any format to your account manager or use the service request form: https://rascom.ru/services/kanal-port/request/

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