RASCOM Expands the Geographic Presence of the Service

RASCOM Expands the Geographic Presence of the Service

In addition to the basic services such as Circuits Lease, VPN, Internet and IX Connect RASCOM provides the service of layout and maintenance of Customers equipment at its own technical sites that are located in the largest Data Centers.

In the light of closed borders between the countries, this service package discovered an additional demand on the European directions which partly had not been covered by RASCOM till the present day. This July the company expanded geographic presence of the Colocation service. Now RASCOM Customers can also make use of the service in such cities as Madrid, Marcelle, Paris, Zurich, Warsaw and Riga without leaving their country.

RASCOM provides a full range of support regarding the Colocation service. In terms of the single Agreement with RASCOM the Customer is provided with the necessary equipment which is installed and set up, 24 hours support and Remote Hands Service.

For Colocation ordering convenience RASCOM has made available on its website the online service where you can find a list of the cities and Data Centers where RASCOM is providing the Colocation service; there is also an opportunity to get a preliminary service quotation as well as to send a request for a more detailed commercial offer (https://rascom.ru/services/colocation/request/ and  https://rascom.ru/en/services/colocation/).

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