RASCOM Network Proved Its Resistance to Increased Load During Coronavirus Pandemic

RASCOM Network Proved Its Resistance to Increased Load During Coronavirus Pandemic

Internet traffic transferred via RASCOM network has grown significantly. The quality of provided services remains high despite increased costs.

Due to imposing a lockdown in most cities of Europe and Russia the internet traffic usage rate has increased globally and this increase shows a buoyant tendency.

The basic factor of traffic growth is increasing usage of videoconferences and streaming services. Entertaining content is in strong demand among those people who have to stay at home all the time; and telephone and video communication replaces live communication for them.

“At these challenging circumstances carriers are promptly increasing the bandwidth of backbone links, improving their networks reliability to provide their end-customers with the internet services in full force and effect with no loss in quality,” Denis Ganza RASCOM CEO comments on. “Many RASCOM client carriers who had faced with this demand managed to stabilize the situation within the shortest time period by using our services. Generally we always try to keep the sufficient reserve of capacity for our network as well as for off-premises interconnects; this is why traffic growth and increasing demand cause neither degrading of external connectivity nor bandwidth deficit for services to be provided.”

RASCOM timely and essentially expanded the capacity of interconnects with cross boarder uplinks and IXs, installed new regional interconnects with Hetzner and Amazon networks, in particular, for Zoom videoconferences. Moreover, due to stepped-up DDoS attacks RASCOM successfully applies the service mitigating them on the customers’ networks.

Oleg Klimovsky RASCOM Technical Director commented on the current circumstances, “Due to the closed boarders between countries RASCOM focuses on technical support provided by its foreign partners. There are at least two companies in every European country which provide RASCOM with engineering operations to upgrade network and implement in the services. Such a quick pace of customers’ network expansion as well as implementation of new international circuits is now possible due to RASCOM engineering team working in close collaboration with our trusted partners from Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the Great Britain.”

RASCOM is eager to embody all the options to support its customers’ business during such unconventional times. RASCOM divisions are providing services around-the-clock continuous securely, moreover, they are able to implement new services within the shortest time.

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