New Interactive Services by RASCOM

New Interactive Services by RASCOM

As a matter of convenience as well as efficient information sourcing about RASCOM services, the company introduces thee new interactive services on its web site rascom.ru. We are sure that you will find them coming in useful.

As early as this February one of such services has become available on RASCOM web site: that is an interactive map. By using it one can calculate RTD (Round Trip Delay) of the projected circuit, learn the possible routes on the RASCOM network and select the route and RTD parameter that are eligible for the assigned task. The service is available at: https://rascom.ru/map/.

This September there has been arranged a service of quotation of basic company’s Services on RASCOM web site. It provided opportunity of pre-configuration of the Service technical parameters along with sending the task for further service quotation that is made by personal account manager.

On the web site there is also an interactive list of RASCOM’s points of presence that includes accurate geographical addresses of their location as well as the list of the services that are provided at these points. The service will be helpful when choosing the end-point for the ordered circuits, Internet-transit services and colocation.

Please, follow the links below to make the new services available for you:

•    Colocation service quotation - https://rascom.ru/en/services/colocation/request/
•    Circuits Lease service quotation - https://rascom.ru/en/services/capacity/request/
•    VPN service quotation - https://rascom.ru/en/services/vpn/request/
•    Internet service quotation - https://rascom.ru/en/services/internet/request/
•    IX connect service quotation - https://rascom.ru/en/services/ix-remote-connect/request/
•    RASCOM points of presence - https://rascom.ru/en/about/points-of-presence/


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