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RASCOM Keeps Developing Its Network in Europe

In August 2017 the RASCOM Company put a net node into operation in the city of Riga.

The company placed its new net node in Riga in the television tower of Latvian State Radio and Television Center, which had been over the years the most popular area for telecom carriers’ commutation equipment to be placed. Riga television tower is the tallest one in the European Union, and currently it provides both local and leading international cariiers with the services of TV and radio broadcasting, services of storing, processing ans transpotting data.

“The new node arranged by means of Cisco equipment allows our Company to offer a wide range of telecom services, in particular, the clients show an outstanding interest to services of IP transit over RASCOM network towards Russian and international networks, as well as the service of network protection from DDoS attacks – the Director General of JCSC RASCOM Denis Ganza comments on – Further on, we are going to keep developing our network by extending the geography of RASCOM presence at the most in-demand directions of telecommunications market”.

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