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RASCOM to up-date its regional DWDM system

In April 2015, the company RASCOM has completed their activities to up-date the regional DWDM system between Moscow and Saint-Petersburg that is independent from basic backbone systems and runs via Zelenograd, Klin, Tver, Bologoye and Chudovo.

The up-dating thus performed permits the comp0any RASCOM to increase the reliability of network function and satisfy the growing demand for services in those towns as well as in the towns such as Udomlya, Veliky Novgorod and Kirishi.

“In contrast to RASCOM’s international backbone systems that are built upon the up-to-date equipment, the regional DWDM was built based upon the previous generation equipment,- comments MR V.O. Klimovsky, RASCOM Technical Director – In April 2015, we have installed, at its whole length, the modern CIENA-manufactured equipment. As a result, the company RASCOM has substantially enhanced operational reliability and technological resource reserve in the regional network portion.”

“During the recent years, volumes and demand for the services offered by our company in Moscow, Tver, Novgorod and Leningrad Oblasts  have significantly grown ,- comments Mr D.I. Ganza, RASCOM General Director,- from our forecast, in next years, the DWDM system the load on this route could reach physical limit. The up-dating we have completed has both solved, for the company, the issues related to the services volume and quality of the services as sold through our regional SDH and IP networks and created new opportunities for collecting and transmitting the customers’ regional traffic. Now, our company, on the  territory of Russia, can offer, for lease, circuits featuring a capacity of up to 100 Gbps not only in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, but rather in 8 more tows of the adjacent Oblasts.”

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