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New General Director is assigned in the CJSC “RASCOM”

In March 2015, basing upon the resolution of the Board of the CJSC “RASCOM”, Denis Alexandrovich Ganza was assigned to the position of General Director of the company. Vitaly Ivanovich Kirev has left that position as he has retired.

“For more than 20 years, the company RASCOM has been developing towards creating user-friendly service and technology environment in order to provide backbone communication services for the telecomm carriers,- comments V.I. Kireev. - The company’s network has grown not only in physical size, but its quality level has been drastically enhanced, too. I am confident that, managed by D. A. Ganza, the company RASCOM will be able to keep the status it has attained while reaching, at the same time, a higher level of the company’s competitivity and financial success.”

“As of today, the company RASCOM has long time become one of the leaders in the segment of backbone communications services provision and is in possession of reproachless image as far as its services are regarded,- comments D.A. Ganza.- Having assumed the management of the company, I will be preserving the previous development vector of the company for both technological and commercial component parts. We are going, as it always has been our attitude,  to rely on the individual approach to any customer while basing on flexible price strategy and operativity in taking technology decisions.”

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