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The Company ‘RASCOM’ has completed the works to build its own route to Uzhgorod

The Company ‘RASCOM’ has completed the works to build its own backbone network at the section Frankfurt – Prague – Bratislava – Uzhgorod whose total length equals to 1500 km. The investments  into  this construction are over 4 mln USDollars.

“RASCOM’ is continuing to extend its network based on the development trends in the needs of the international carrier market-, comments Mr V.I. Kireev, CJSC RASCOM’ General Director. – The most demanded route, at the international transmission capacity market, remains, still, the Northern route from Russia via Stockholm. That is the main exit point for Russian outbound traffic toward the networks of European carriers. But, these recent years,  due to a natural growth of the INTERNET traffic volumes from Russian and European carriers, the Southern route to Europe, going via Moscow – Kiev – Frankfurt, is gaining in popularity.  To allow for this trend, our company has implemented a project to build a network of our own, at the section Frankfurt – Uzhgorod. This route is the first stage of extending RASCOM’s network over the Southern direction Russia – Europe. In 2014, we are planning to continue the construction in that direction to launch the network section Uzhgorod – Kiev – Moscow.”      
“The RASCOM network, as established over the Northern route, has been successfully used by  main Russian carriers,- comments Mr O.V. Klimovsky, CJSC RASCOM’ Technical Director. – A significant reserve of transmission capacity that we have over that route will be, for many years to come, quite sufficient to meet the growing demand for circuits in this direction at the international market place. The network extension at the Southern direction will widen the geography of the Company’s presence at the international market place, and, at the same time, will create a platform for new services. Actually, our company, in the event of Customers’ interest, makes provision for traffic redundancy by offering the circuits to be leased over two geographically different physically  diverse cable systems. The both systems run over the Northern route. In 2014,  the company is planning, basing on its own network, to offer its customers an alternative reservation over two routes: Northern and Southern. Many Russian and European carriers are interested in such system of reservation.”

After activating the network section Frankfurt – Prague – Bratislava – Uzhgorod, the  company RASCOM extended the limits of its network. As of now, the high availability level services are available for RASCOM’s customers at this section, too. Service delivery time span, if within company’s own network limits, does not exceed 2-3 weeks.

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