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Rascom has installed 100G transponders at the whole length of its network

In April 2013, Rascom has completed activities to prepare its network and installed 100G transponders on it. Within the frames of preparing the network, equipment software and control system  up-grade had been performed. The works have been performed within a short time period, February – April 2013.
Actually, Rascom’s network, build based on the Ciena-manufactured DWDM equipment, is supporting the most significant, for telecomm carriers, data transmission routes between the cities Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. The network is made up of two independent DWDM systems arranged between the cities above listed usage being made of fibers in different cables. The maximum capacity of each DWDM system is equal up to 8800 Gbps. The total length of the company Rascom’ network is equal to 8.6 thousand kilometers.
“The company’s network is present at the directions  mostly demanded by Russian telecomm carriers and has interfaces with many Russian and European traffic exchange points,- comments V.I. Kireev, RASCOM’s General Director.- The company’s services are highly in demand at the backbone route market, the load on the company Rascom network showing several times growth every year. And it is exactly for this reason that we have installed the 100G transponders at our network. Beside the network capacity increase reached, 100G transponders usage permits, while arranging circuits characterized by big geographic distance, in some cases, to avoid intermediary signal regeneration; reduce data transmission delays by 0.3 – 0.5 milliseconds which is important for applications that are sensitive to this parameter, e.g., finance transactions. As before, Rascom grants, to its customers, a guaranty of service delivery term not longer than 2 weeks , within the frames of company’s own network.”
“The network optimization has been performed without changing the existing DWDM systems,- explains O.V. Klimovsky, company Rascom’ Technical Director.- This became possible thanks to the ActivFlex 6500  platform manufactured by the Ciena corporation that the network is built upon. Without interrupting the functioning of the existing DWDM systems, we have increased, by a factor of 2.5, the possible maximum network capacity; the data transmission over Rascom network being, as of now, supported not only by the new standard of 100G, but rather by the previously introduced ones - 10G and 40G, too. The implemented network optimization has improved network adaptability, too: now, the DWDM system can compensate for the polarization mode dispersion of optical fiber up to 50 picoseconds.”
Thus, the works as performed have created for the company additional opportunities as far as the activities to optimize the efforts for arranging circuits and paths are concerned. The monitoring and control system efficiency has been enhanced on Rascom’s network. The installed 100G transponders allow to establish, on one DWDM wavelength, up to 10 circuits featuring a capacity of 10Gbps or one 100Gbps circuit.

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