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RASCOM has extended their internatonal peering

CJSC ‘RASCOM’  has become participant of and has connected its IP-network to the international Internet exchange point FICIX in Helsinki.  

«The company RASCOM has been, for many years already, developing its own network, both in Russian and in foreign segment,- comments Mr V.I. Kireev, General Director of the CJSC “RASCOM”, - beside building new routes and up-dating the previously built network, we are paying much attention to optimizing the traffic passage routes and extending the inter-carrier peering in the cities our company is present in. During recent years, we have arranged connecting to the main traffic exchange points in Moscow (MSK-IX), Saint-Petersburg (SPB-IX), Stockholm (NetNod), Frankfurt (DE-CIX) and Amsterdam (AMS-IX). The next step for us has become the city of Helsinki (FICIX). Being present there will permit the company RASCOM to extend the co-operation with international providers, partners of FICIX, and heighten the quality level of access to the Internet resources for our customers.”
‘We are making big expectations with regard to this co-operation,- comments Mr Iorma Mellin, the Board Chairman of the FICIX,- the company RASCOM has been present at the telecomm service market for 20 years and, during this time period, has made itself known as a reliable and high-tech carrier. RASCOM is providing services, based upon its own highly developed network, almost to all of principal Russian carriers both on the territory of Russia and in many European countries. One of the services offered by the company RASCOM is connecting carriers the main traffic exchange points which they have been implementing for many years already. Basing on co-operation with the company RASCOM, we are planning to significantly –extend our customer base and, through this company, give access to FICIX to many Russian and European providers.”

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