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Network ring-structure construction completed in Europe at the sections Amsterdam – Copenhagen and Frankfurt - Stockholm

The company RASCOM has completed the construction works and activated two DWDM system sections: Amsterdam – Copenhagen and Frankfurt – Stockholm. While implementing this project, RASCOM has established a diversified ring structure: Stockholm – Copenhagen – Amsterdam – Frankfurt - Copenhagen –  Stockholm. Now, the entire company’s network is capable of providing traffic reservation based on two DWDM systems of its own featuring a bandwidth of up to 2ő8.8 Tbps.
The investment into the final stage of this project made more than 4 mln US Dollars.
“During recent 5 years, within the frames of realizing a long-term development strategy, the company has been consistently up-dating and developing the existing network and moving from the leased circuits to its own DWDM capacity, - comments Mr V.I. Kireev, CJSC “RASCOM” General Director. – The DWDM system is built based on the up-to-date high-tech equipment manufactured by the company CIENA and it allows us to meet the constantly growing demand of the inter-carrier market for the communications channels. As a result of adding two new sections to our existing network, the CJSC “RASCOM” has extended its capabilities in arranging European circuits over different routes, offering protected capacity and end-to-end monitoring of the services to be provided.”
“The services of RASCOM are monitored technically 24 hrs a day from single NMC in Saint-Petersburg,- said Mr O. V. Klimovsky, CJSC “RASCOM” Technical Director,-  The  network technical maintenance architecture, as used in RASCOM,  permits to minimize the failure elimination time period and guarantee these indices as shown in the Service Level Agreements (SLA) made with our customers. Launching the European ring structure has allowed RASCOM to transit to unique service installation term standards on all the sections of its network. RASCOM guarantees, to the customers, minimum (not longer than 2-3 weeks) circuit arranging terms, both on Russian territory and in Europe.
CJSC ‘RASCOM’ network circuits have minimum data transmission latency indices as compared to other carriers’ ones at these geographic directions. The customers can assess the delay over the circuit provided at both service installation and usage stages.”
Based on its own, fully  protected network that links together the directions most demanded, by Russian carriers, the company RASCOM is offering the telecomm circuits featuring a capacity of up to 10 Gbps and arranges connection to the main traffic exchange points in Moscow (MSK-IX), Saint-Petersburg (SPB-IX), Stockholm (NetNod), Frankfurt (DE-CIX) and  Amsterdam (AMS-IX).

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