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CJSC “RASCOM”| and FGU GNII ITT “INFORMICA” made a contract for arranging 10 Gbps transport between Moscow and Saint-Petersburg

In July 2009, basing upon the results of a tender, the FGU GNII ITT “Informica” and the company RASCOM made a contract for arranging a service of data transmission at a rate of 10 Gbps in order to extend the federal university network RUNNet. The service has been established at the section Moscow – Saint-Petersburg in August 2009.

“The company RASCOM has been co-operating with the FGU GNII ITT “Informica” for years,” comments V.I. Kireev, General Director of the CJSC RASCOM. “In accordance with the new contract, the company RASCOM arranged the service based upon its own DWDM network at the section Moscow – Saint-Petersburg. Moreover, as we consider the project “Universities of Russia” to be important for developing science and education in Russia, RASCOM has provided the service at an optimal low price.”

“As of today, the RUNNet network serves about two million users”, commented Yu.I. Izhvanov, first deputy director for science-and-research activities. “Thanks to the flexible price strategy of the CJSC ”RASSCOM”, we have a chance to maintain the network in its actual status based on the services whose high quality is well known to us after our previous co-operation”.

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