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CJSC RASCOM to have completed telecomm node up-grade in Stockholm

In February 2009, the Closed Joint-Stock Company RASCOM has completed one more phase of activities to change its network configuration. Within the frames of these up-grade works, a CISCO 7606 router featuring 760 Gbps bandwidth has been installed at the company's node in Stockholm and an additional 10G circuit has been arranged.
Before February 2009, CJSC RASCOM node in Stockholm that is located in Telecity had been equipped only with DWDM equipment (see our press-release dated 06.07.2007). Installing the CISCO 7606 router and arranging an additional circuit permits to the CJSC RASCOM to provide IP-traffic transmission services at Moscow - Saint-Petersburg - Stokholm section of its network while using two physically diverse10G circuits.
"The volume of IP-traffic transmission on the network is drastically increasing even in spite of crisis events faced by the global economy,- said Mr. I. V. Kireev, CJSC RASCOM General Director. - This allows us to be confident of the future perspectives of our network development. In March, we are planning to finalize up-grading our IP-node in Frankfurt and increase the bandwidth of the network by 10 Gbps more."

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