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RASCOM arranged interface with Level 3 Communications IP network

In November 2008, within the frames of planned up-grade of its IP network, CJSC "RASCOM" has arranged interface with the network of the operator Level 3 Communications in Frankfurt. Creation of this new interface will positively affect the quality level of the Internet access services provided by CJSC "RASCOM".
CJSC "RASCOM" is providing Internet access services to the operators that work with end-users. For such operators, a very substantial factor, determining the quality of RASCOM's transit IP network services, is the comparative length of the routes to connect to the most popular resources of the world wide web, that is, its connectivity. RASCOM is permanently monitoring this parameter of its own network, evaluating its dependence on the changes of the world-wide Internet structure and global IP networks that form it (Tier 1 networks). Timely re-configuration of direct interfaces with the Tier 1 networks permits to the company to keep the connectivity of its own network and of those of the operators connected thereto, at the highest level possible.

IP network connectivity to the global Internet depends on both number of interfaces to other networks, and other significant factors, such as network architecture, bandwidth of its backbone route and external interfaces. While performing a scheduled up-grade of Rascom's IP network, all the factors are allowed for that affect service quality level. Thus, thanks to using the most up-to-date solutions of the advanced equipment manufacturers, such as CISCO Systems and Nortel Networks, to using MPLS IP-traffic switching technology, as well as 40 Gbps DWDM infrastructure, the network is optimized for passing the operators' high-speed IP-traffic to global networks. Rascom's backbone IP network, at the route Moscow - Saint-Petersburg - Stockholm - Frankfurt, is built upon 10 Gbps communications circuits and is fully protected. To keep a stable high quality level of the IP services, the external interfaces of Rascom's network to the Tier 1 networks support a minimum double relation between bandwidth and peak load.
CJSC "RASCOM" has many years of experiences in co-operating with Level 3 Communications in the domain of arranging high-speed communications circuits based upon the basis of DWDM. With introducing the new IP interface, the co-operation between CJSC "RASCOM" and Level 3 Communications has reached a new level, extending the sphere of mutual interests of both companies.

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