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Microsoft Azure Service


RASCOM performs a dedicated direct connection to guaranteed quality characteristics to Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure enables its users to develop and manage applications, as well as to store data on servers which are located in datacenters distributed in 38 regions around the world.

The RASCOM Company is an official Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute partner, this is why it is possible to use RASCOM Cloud Access service and arrange a connection to Microsoft Azure cloud provider in any RASCOMs point of presence.

The following services are available when connecting to Microsoft Azure:

  • Office 365;
  • Azure;
  • Microsoft Dynamics.

Microsoft Azure Express Route is available on the following transmission rates:


 100 Mbps

 200 Mbps

 300 Mbps

 400 Mbps

 500 Mbps

  1 Gbps

  2 Gbps

 5 Gbps

 10 Gbps  

RASCOM Cloud Access

RASCOM Cloud Access is a service of a secure Customers connection over dedicated circuits to cloud-providers platform.

In accordance to Customers business requirements RASCOM performs connection to single cloud provider as well as connection to several clouds via one port. RASCOM offers cost effective solutions from 10 Mbps up to 10 Gbps with a fixed price for determined bandwidth.

RASCOM offers secure dedicated Ethernet connection to several cloud environments via one physical port guaranteeing quality parameters. RASCOM Cloud Access Service is easy to adjust to your business requirements.

RASCOM Cloud Access Service includes:

  • Authorized (on L2 level) access to cloud providers platform;
  • Full protection of Customers traffic from users of public Internet network L2VPN;
  • Up to 3 VLAN in one interface, which can be GE or 10GE;
  • Protected connection from access point of RASCOMs network to the chosen by Customer cloud providers data center with 99.99% accessibility.

RASCOM Cloud Access Service does not include:

  • Cross-connections from RASCOMs network node to Customers equipment;
  • Configuration of Customers network at the L3 level (BGP sessions with cloud providers network);
  • Making an agreement between Customer and cloud provider, receiving by Customer of appropriate identifiers and calculation of services that are presented to Customer by Cloud provider.

RASCOM has an infrastructure of 56+ own network nodes to provide an access to the following cloud services:

  • Amazon Direct Connect;
  • Microsoft Azure Express Route;
  • Google Cloud Platform;
  • IBM SoftLayer;
  • Deloitte Cyber Security Services;
  • euNetworks;
  • Greenclouds;
  • GTT Ethercloud;
  • Oracle Cloud;
  • Stack Group M1Cloud.

Advantages of RASCOM Cloud Access Service:

  • Competence in the field of global communications;
  • Direct connection of RASCOMs network to cloud providers data center;
  • Assistance in negotiations and cooperation with cloud provider (English);
  • Guaranteed channel bandwidth up to the entry to cloud;
  • Minimal jitter;
  • Minimal RTD;
  • SLA for Circuit/VPN.

RASCOM Cloud Access Service is available in the following countries:

  • The Russian Federation: Moscow, Tver, V. Novgorod, St. Petersburg (and others);
  • Sweden, Stockholm;
  • Finland, Helsinki;
  • Denmark, Copenhagen;
  • Germany, Frankfurt;
  • The Netherlands, Amsterdam;
  • Ukraine, Kiev.

To discuss technical and commercial terms of providing services it is necessary to contact RASCOM Sales Department by phones +7(812)303-91-70 or +7(495)748-11-00. For written service requests you can write a message by e-mail:


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