RASCOM Has Enlarged Its Presence in Finland
In order to increase the access to Services, the RASCOM Company has arranged one more telecom node in Finland, which is located in Helsinki at the address Kiviaidankatu 2.    

At the moment, the Company has 11 Points of Presence in Finland, 2 of which are located in Helsinki. At the new telecom node the Company provides such Services as circuit leasing up to 100 Gbps, access to the Internet, as well as integrated IX and cloud access solutions.

“To stay close to the Customer and their demands is a principal mission statement of our Company’s strategy,” Director General Denis Ganza comments on. “For many years our Company has been creating optimal conditions to grant an access to the provided Services and to secure their reliability. According to our strategy, the new telecom node is located at one of the most popular technological site and it is built into the RASCOM network with DWDM systems that are full redundant and geographically dispersed. From now on, the arrangement of the Service from the new node will take less than 14 days, just like at the other points of the RASCOM network, which is critical for many Customers and in-demand at the telecom market.”