A New RASCOM Node in Data Center Miran-1
RASCOM has arranged a new DWDM node in Data Center Miran-1, which is locates at 17/7 A Pirogovskaya Emb., St. Petersburg.

Arranging the node in Data Center Miran-1 is one more step to expand the RASCOMs presence geography in the key Russian metropolises and to increase the accessibility of the Company services.

To arrange a new node RASCOM has chosen Data Center Miran-1, because the services of this Data Center are targeted to create optimally comfortable service and technical environment for their customers, moreover, this colocation hosting center has achieved PCI DSS certification. There are Videosurveillance systems, fire- and security alarm ones, climate control system and uninterruptible power supply one.

Connecting to RASCOM new node, as well as to other RASCOM nodes in Russia and Europe, allows carries to make use of such services as international and Russian circuit leasing (up to Nx100G), the Internet transit and VPN. Furthermore, the arranged node performs to the RASCOM Customers new services: FlowSpec* and Cloud Access, the need in which is growing dramatically these days.


*FlowSpec is a service which allows to fight against DDoS attacks towards the IP network. This service allows  the Customer to cut-off the traffic of those protocols and/or packet types that are not used at the customers network and are used in DDoS attacks.

**Cloud Access is a service of secure dedicated Ethernet connection to several cloud environments via one physical port guaranteeing quality parameters. RASCOM Cloud Access Service is easy to adjust to the Customers business requirements.