RASCOM (AS20764) becomes Netnod Reach Partner
RASCOM (AS20764) has joined the Netnod Reach partner program to provide remote peering in Sweden to its many customers from Russia and Eastern Europe. As an official Netnod Reach partner, RASCOM can engage clients at any point of presence on its network and resell peering ports to Sweden’s leading Internet Exchange.

“The partnership between Netnod and RASCOM is an important event not only for direct participants of this agreement but also for Carrier Community of Russia and Europe,” Denis A. Ganza, CEO of CJSC RASCOM, comments on. “The carriers, which are already RASCOM’s customers, can increase significantly the level of interconnectivity of their networks and improve the Internet-traffic routes in favour of their customers."

"We are excited and proud to partner up with RASCOM. This partnership will help bring efficient and secure connections for their clients as well as our connected clients at Netnod. Netnod Reach is an easy, fast and cost-effective way to peer in Stockholm without the overhead of a full IXP commitment allowing you to test the waters with the visibility and technical benefits of a full peering customer," says LM Jogbäck, Netnod CEO.


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