Rascom network - Helsinki

Communications node is at the address:

Finland, Helsinki, , YLE's TV-station, Radiokatu 5

Services to be provided:


         Telecomm circuits to be leased . Transmission speed of up to 200 Gbps.

Service interface: SDH - STM1...STM64, Ethernet 10 Mbps100 Gbps;


         Internet. Transmission speed of up to 200 Gbps.

Service interface: Ethernet 10 Mbps 100 Gbps;  

         VPN. Transmission speed of up to  200 Gbps .

Service interface: Ethernet 10 Mbps100 Gbps;  

  •     Channel + port. Transmission speed of up to 200 Gbps.

               Service interface : SDH - STM1...STM64, Ethernet - 10 Mbps100 Gbps.


The RASCOM Company congratulates you on the 1st of May, the Day of Spring and Labour!

We wish you that your work would bring just happiness and high income.

Let all your efforts be sincere and effective, and let your leisure time be active and full of fun!

We wish you and all your close ones success and prosper!