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August 2015
RASCOM to have up-dated the IP-network


RASCOM to up-date its regional DWDM system

January 2014

Arranging and delivering, for the customer, the first circuit featuring a capacity of 100Gbps basing upon the company's own DWDM system.

October 2013

The Company ‘RASCOM’ has completed the works to build its own route to Uzhgorod.

May 2013
Rascom has installed 100G transponders at the whole length of its network.

December 2012

Network ring-structure construction completed in Europe at the sections Stockholm – Copenhagen – Amsterdam – Frankfurt - Copenhagen – Stockholm.

May 2012

The company RASCOM has completed works to build its own DWDM system on the route Copenhagen – Amsterdam. As a result of launching the network segment Copenhagen – Amsterdam, the size of the company’s network was increased up to 8.6 thousand kilometers and the capacity is now equal to 88 wavelengths in every DWDM system.

December 2010

The company RASCOM has finalized building work on its own DWDM system at the section Stockholm – Frankfurt. The capacity of the newly built more than 1.8 thousand kilometers long backbone line equals to 3.5 Tbps. The system comprises 24 nodes that include regen and access sites.

July 2008

Capacity of CJSC RASCOM's own backbone fiber-optic network has substantially increased thanks to usage made of transponders featuring bandwidth of 40 Gbps, its reliability grew higher, too, due to the possibility to transmit traffic over alternative independent routes which, in the long run, has assured maximum efficiency of investments into the network infrastructure being created.

June 2008

The company RASCOM is launching in operation a new DWDM system at the route Moscow - Stockholm.The system is based on the Nortel-manufactured PL equipment and permits to arrange up to 72 wavelengths , total capacity being 720 Gbps and more. Now, CJSC RASCOM is already owning 2 DWDM systems at the route Moscow - Stockholm. Each of those systems is built usage being made of fibers in different cables that pass over different independent routes and use different equipment sets.

April 2008

Rascom can arrange Ethernet-channels to Frankfurt featuring a bandwidth of up to 8 Gbps.


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