Action "Testing the new option of BGP FlowSpec for IP –transit service"

RASCOM is offering, to their customers, a set of tools to protect their networks against different types of attacks and the consequences thereof. The solution is based upon employing an extension of the BGP FlowSpec protocol that allows the customer to drastically decrease the harmful effect of the attack on its network. In addition to that, the customer is given a series of services for blocking-out the undesired traffic from RASCOM’s network in order to avoid its propagation over the customer’s own network: black-holing (BGP-blackhole community), on- demand control of traffic filtering at the customer’s interface, customer’s own office for independent controlling the FlowSpec filtration rules, connecting to the к BGP FlowSpec controller for automatic mode filtering , FlowSpec rules’ function statistics.

To arrange for familiarizing the telecomm carriers and corporate customers with the new service, the Company RASCOM is offering, to all entities, the opportunity to test the BGP FlowSpec. Testing will be provided for a time span of up to 1 month free of charge under condition an interface is available to connect the network of the entity conducting the test with RASCOM’s network. If there is no interface available to get connected to RASCOM’s network, crossing to RASCOM’s n network will be effected at the expenses of the entity conducting the test, with the testing of Internet-transit together with the option BGP FlowSpec being provided for a time period of 3 calendar days.

To arrange the testing or connect to the new service, you need to apply to RASCOM’s manager in charge of your company or to send the application to the Sales department at


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